10 Simple Ideas for Headlines in Marketing Copy

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A headline is probably one of the most important parts in a marketing text. It serves to attract attention and to state what your copy is all about. In this article, I will share some fill-in-the-blank formulas to create both informative and interesting headlines.

  1. ____or ____? Quote a question that your potential customers might have on their mind. Research for appropriate questions in forums or blogs around your topic.
    Example: Online or printed ads? Find out the best way to promote your business locally.
  2. A success study:____.  Come up with a case study example on how your product or service helped somebody to succeed.
    Example: A success study: How we attracted 100 customers in one week using Facebook ads.
  3. (Undesired state) vs. (desired state): (number) main differences. Compare something that you customers try to avoid with something they aspire to do or to be.
    Example: Frustrated Facebook advertisers vs. successful Facebook advertisers: 3 main differences.
  4. What to do when____. Touch upon fears or difficult situations your audience might experience.
    Example: What to do when your website visitors do not convert.
  5. ___ laws. This headline is suitable if your audience are beginners in the topic you describe. It highlights the importance of what you have to say.
    Example: Five laws in online advertising.
  6. How to make ____ work.  Come up with a relative disadvantage your potential customers might have. They will be curios how they can actually profit from it.
    Example: How to make your limited marketing budget work for you: 5 simple tips.
  7. ____myth. Mention something that is talked about and that your audience might believe in. They will be surprised and curious to learn why it may be a myth.
    Example: Google ads myth: why it doesn’t always work.
  8. (Number) secrets of ____. Imply that the information you share is not available everywhere. This will spark additional interest in your content.
    Example: 5 secrets of online advertising.
  9. (Maximum benefit) at (minimum expense). Think of something that contains a contrast and is hard to believe. It will automatically attract attention of the target customers.
    Example: How to get 100 new customers in 3 days: effective use of online advertising.
  10. (Number) common mistakes in ____.  Your readers will probably ask themselves if they are also making these mistakes and will be more likely to read on.
    Example: Three common beginner mistakes when advertising on Facebook.

Remember that your headlines are a promise that your marketing copy should fulfill, so never use them as a “clickbait”. In other words, make sure that your copy answers the question or the claim stated in the headline. In addition, include the most significant information first, otherwise your visitors might leave rather quickly.

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