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The new year has brought a new design for my blog. The old theme (Spectrum) was too bright and besides did not render longer post titles correctly. I chose the new design because of its simplicity and business-like color palette. The main blog colors are white and warm brown (#474747), with some elements in light sea green (#33acac). As for the font for the headings, I set Gentium Book Basic, which looks like an older newspaper font and matches the informative purpose of this blog.

All Around Marketing Blog Logo

My blog was also lacking a logo, especially on social profiles linked to it. Basically, there are three types of logos: a symbol, a watermark (consisting only of typed letters) and a combination logo. I chose the third type, which normally includes a symbol and some text. To create the logo,  I got acquainted with Adobe Illustrator, particularly with form creating tools. The logo includes four segments above that represent my main areas of interest.

Firstly, content is about creating and editing texts for websites, as well researching and planning. User Interface (UI) has to do with graphical elements of a website, such as colors, banners, CTAs, etc. Both content and UI are important to increase the conversion of a website. Traffic is about attracting users to a website by promoting it on- and offline. And finally, analytics is evaluating the data on traffic and conversion and adjusting the performance accordingly.

Below the four segments, the names of the blog and the author are included. The logo is concluded with an arc-like shape to give it an even appearance and underline one of the main blog colors.

All in all, the design of the blog and connected social media profiles has become more sleek and professional and also more uniform.

online marketing blog logo
Logo-streamlined version
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Author: Elena

I acquired a BA degree in International Business with a specialization in Marketing from Nuremberg Technical School and a parallel degree from Leeds Metropolitan University. In 2013-2014, I worked in the field of performance and conversion optimization with an IT company and then was employed in content marketing. In 2016, I went back to working with Web Analytics and gained additional experience in project management. During this time, I received an Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics from the University of British Columbia (Canada). Currently, I am employed in Online Marketing. My areas of specialization include online marketing strategy, content creation, web analytics, conversion optimization and usability.

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