About this blog

Blog Content Summary

This personal blog is about a variety of topics in digital marketing. Here you can learn about marketing strategy, lead generation, content creation, website conversion optimization, web analytics and other hot digital topics. The blog also includes occasional coverage of digital marketing events. Marketing to Convert is dedicated both to people interested in online marketing and those working in marketing professionally. Here I share some new perspectives based on my professional experience and educational background and invite everyone for discussion.

How Marketing to Convert Began

The idea of creating this digital marketing blog came to me when I was finishing my International Business studies. Originally, it was supposed to serve as my “marketing portfolio” to make finding a job as a graduate easier. It contained the topics that I focused on in my studies. Over time, I added articles about several professional events I attended.

Once I started working,  I included the topics that related to my everyday work. I kept drawing a lot of inspiration from further education courses or from professional blogs that I read.

The blog was originally called “All Around Marketing”, since it covers a lot of topics related to digital marketing. When I migrated this blog, I decided to change the blog’s name. In my opinion, it describes the blog content in a better way, since:

  • 90% of the blog’s content is about digital marketing (conversion is the term used only in the context of digital marketing);
  • The majority of the articles are dedicated to improving the website conversion (understanding user journey, creating targeted content, usability testing, etc.);
  • Marketing to Convert basically means that marketing should always be geared towards a measurable result (this is my firm belief).

My Plans for This Blog

In the future, I am planning to continue developing, optimizing and popularizing the blog’s content. I also would like to use this blog to connect with other bloggers that write on similar topics.

Currently, I am interested in the topics of usability and SEO (and especially how they relate to each other), so I am planning to publish an article or two on these subjects in the coming months.

Since this is a personal blog, I also want to share my own thoughts and predictions regarding some trends in digital marketing. I also hope that these ideas can serve as a basis for professional discussions.

In addition to continuing to explore the topics of conversion improvement, I am planning to lay the focus on covering local professional events. Since such events bring together people with different mindsets and different professional backgrounds, they often produce a lot of interesting and thought-provoking discussions. Normally, such events do not get a lot of coverage online, so it probably would be helpful to create a short recap.

If you found this blog useful for you, or otherwise, if you have any suggestions for improvement, make sure to let me know per email or in the comments section.